This could be YOU!

This badge represents the newest club in the Rogue Valley Area!  We are absolutely sure that you will find Square Dancing great fun and great exercise! But most of all we encourage that you come and enjoy all the Friendly new Folks that you will meet and be dancing with!  
We love to laugh and have FUN!  
Let Us Guide You To The FUN

looking for something FUN to do?

Are you looking for something AWESOME & FUN to do?

Well then, Square Dancing is something FUN YOU MUST TRY!

Sure  at the beginning (as in anything) it  may seem a bit more than the brain  can handle, but if you go into  something knowing there is a large  amount of FUN to be had each and every time you go, well then, you will totally enjoy square dancing!

As you will see in my "Bio Page" I started to square dance just to find something FUN to do within the community. Community and FUN is what Square Dancing is all about, "Having FUN   with your friends within your Community"! You meet really great people   and create quality friendships too! So, if you are wanting something FUN to do then just get out there and have some FUN   Square Dancing! Get out there and just do it! Even if you think you   have 2 left feet, it's okay, they are welcome too! What is also cool is   you don't absolutely need a partner, sure if you got one bring'em, but   there are folks there that all they want to do is just dance and have   fun! 


real testimonials

 John D. - Thought this was going to be a real drag since my wife actually dragged me to class. But I still can't believe what a blast I'm having! 





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A Look See

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  For The Dancers: 


How long ago was it that you had a really, really bad day? 

  · You were at work and nothing seemed to go right. 

  · You left work and had to fight the traffic knuckle heads all the way home. 

  · You were late getting home, only to find that the dish washer has 

    overflowed all over the kitchen floor and that your dinner had dried up

    in the microwave because you were late. 

Believe it or not; these things also happen to callers, and when they do, the results can be disastrous. 

Just imagine that you are a caller with such a day: 

  · The hour & a half that you had planned for reviewing your program for 

    the night has gone. 

  · You have to gulp down your dried up meal and once again fight the traffic

    knuckle heads in order to get to the dance/class on time, which is an hour

    and half away. 

  · Your blood pressure has increased and your concentration (so necessary

    to call a dance or to teach a class) has short-circuited. 

  · You have mental flashbacks all night about the events of the day which 

    makes it impossible to perform and function normally. 

  Now, the question is, how do the dancers react? As a dancer, do you consider that the caller has had a bad day, which everyone is entitled to once in a while? Or do you think as the majority of the dancers do, which is thus: if it is the first time you have danced to this caller then he/she is just a poor caller and you report this to everyone you know. If it is your favorite caller, the dancers think that he/she is slipping, not doing their homework, or just trying to get by on reputation. The majority of people are not very forgiving. 

  One more example: Suppose you have a splitting/migraine headache. You no doubt stay home. Not if you are a caller. The show must go on. You cannot announce from the stage that you are sick. You must do the best that you can and be as pleasant as possible, no matter how bad you are feeling.


Yes, callers are human too.