This could be YOU!

This badge represents the newest club in the Rogue Valley Area!  We are absolutely sure that you will find Square Dancing great fun and great exercise! But most of all we encourage that you come and enjoy all the Friendly new Folks that you will meet and be dancing with!  
We love to laugh and have FUN!  
Let Us Guide You To The FUN

looking for something FUN to do?

Are you looking for something AWESOME & FUN to do?

Well then, Square Dancing is something FUN YOU MUST TRY!

Sure  at the beginning (as in anything) it  may seem a bit more than the brain  can handle, but if you go into  something knowing there is a large  amount of FUN to be had each and every time you go, well then, you will totally enjoy square dancing!

As you will see in my "Bio Page" I started to square dance just to find something FUN to do within the community. Community and FUN is what Square Dancing is all about, "Having FUN   with your friends within your Community"! You meet really great people   and create quality friendships too! So, if you are wanting something FUN to do then just get out there and have some FUN   Square Dancing! Get out there and just do it! Even if you think you   have 2 left feet, it's okay, they are welcome too! What is also cool is   you don't absolutely need a partner, sure if you got one bring'em, but   there are folks there that all they want to do is just dance and have   fun! 


real testimonials

 John D. - Thought this was going to be a real drag since my wife actually dragged me to class. But I still can't believe what a blast I'm having! 





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A Look See

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                                                    BE A POSITVE

I set out looking to write something that maybe dancers haven’t heard yet. But after many conversations with other callers & dancers, and making several writing attempts, I realized that anyone who has actively been dancing for 10 years or more has heard quite a bit of square dance news and information. So what can a person say, that hasn’t already been said? How can we spark new excitement and enthusiasm within our dancers?

I’m trying not to put loads of doom and gloom out, but we all should know by now that times are very difficult for our dance activities. We need to positively spread the word and the true feeling of what square dancing is all about. Now how do we do that? We’ve heard it all before, right? We’ve heard - “What we should do is…”, “What we need to do is…”, “No we tried that…, “That’s the way it’s always been…” 

Ask yourself 2 things, “Is square dancing really a team sport?” answer should be yes!, then “What can I do to help the team?” Folks, the best way to help and grow our dance activity is to get involved within your team, the club! First and most of all be a positive influence to your team mates, fellow dancers. Recruiting dancers is one thing but retaining them is something much bigger. What can we do to retain our “life blood”, new dancers? Be a team player and lets’ figure this out together. Let’s dig deep within ourselves and let’s first be a positive environment for every dancer.





Files coming soon.