About Us

"Square" Chuck


 Chuck started out square dancing while he  was stationed at Marine Corps Base in 29 Palms CA. He had made friends in town and wanted an activity that would give him something fun to do within the community! After riding and participating at the local rodeos he saw an advertisement about "Square Dancing"! He joked about it at  first with a few friends and then decided to go have a look to see what  it was about. As soon as he stepped out onto the dance floor he started  having a "Hootin' Hollerin' good time"! The club that was hosting  the class was all about having fun! It was the fun and friendly people  that hooked Chuck right from the get go! Then he got 25 other Marines to  try it out and what a rowdy time. The club was so accepting of the Marines that all had fun all around!
    Chuck met his wife, Carla, 3 months after starting square dance classes at a Midway Dance in Riverside, CA. And as they say "That all she wrote"!

Chuck & Carla


 Chuck met his wife, Carla, 3 months after  starting square dance classes at a Midway Dance in Riverside, CA. Four  months after that they were married and have been happy together ever  since. They have been dancing together for as long as they've been  married. They have danced all over the world and have danced in many of  the states in the United States! When it came time for Chuck to retire  from the Marines, Chuck and Carla picked Grants Pass OR, as their home.  

grants pass squares (gps)


Grants Pass Squares actually started as the "MC Show" M for Marion Cook and C for Chuck Simpkins. It all started after Chuck began to learn how to call. Local dancers wanted more floor time to help improve their dance fun and skills. Chuck needed to improve upon his calling skills too. So taking care of two issues in one shot started the show rolling. Marion decided to step into a new chapter of her life and that ended the MC Show. Now the group of dancers decided to rename the group the Grants Pass Squares 'GPS" with the slogan "Let Us Guide You to the FUN!"